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  1. Never posted in here before! A photo for you all:
  2. Remington 700 tactical conversion
  3. New Purchase!
  4. Where do you guys hide your guns at home?
  5. Latest acquisition....
  6. New Gun
  7. Where can I buy an ar15 before this ban happens?
  8. How much does NYS suck....
  9. Best reason to go shooting
  10. Anybody here go to the Angeles Range in Los Angeles?
  11. Jesse James shreds a car with a Mini-Gun - at 6000 rounds a minute
  12. New to shooting-- looking to purchase
  13. Cerakote | Desert Sand Kimber Ultra Carry II
  14. Entering the AR World, Need Input
  15. The should have this guy on 60 minutes...
  16. Social Security Administration buys 174,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition
  17. I have settled on my carry weapon S&W J-Frame .38
  18. Sig Sauer 716 Patrol
  19. Anybody playing with Tannerite?
  20. Vice: Shooting the biggest guns money can buy
  21. The next step in sniper operations?
  22. Ok u Gun owners
  23. LaRue rifles and a Carbine Training day!
  24. New rifle...
  25. Some REAL Shooting Skills
  26. Walther PPQ
  27. How an incompetent ATF agent can (almost) ruin your life
  28. Buying a gun through personal sales
  29. Kel-Tec Shotgun (KSG)
  30. Have a good weekend!
  31. Finished putting together my rifle...
  32. Recommendations For A Safe
  33. FS: Kimber and Ruger 1911's BNIB
  34. Personal Protection Recommendation?
  35. Biathlon weapon. .22cal, Art edition.
  36. Added another Zombie killer to the collection
  37. One great thing about owning a shop...
  38. Got to shoot a SCAR + ACOG, review!
  39. Buying a 1911 at a gun show tomorrow...what should I get?
  40. Alan Gura accepts the 1.5 million settlement with DC
  41. Double Barrel Handgun???
  42. Guns and GoPros!
  43. Fun with a TV
  44. Optics for M1A SOCOM 16
  45. The CZ-75B
  46. Thoughts on LMT?
  47. .22lr scar
  48. AR15 | Something I built
  49. Looking for a cheap O/U sporting clays shotgun
  50. Gunsite Academy
  51. Les Baer
  52. 1911 .45
  53. FS: Kimber/HK
  54. Range bags
  55. USAammo.com
  56. February 14 is Starbucks Appreciation Day
  57. new .22 rifle...S&W 15-22
  58. Form 1 and Form 4 are in the mail!
  59. My first Pistol
  60. NYC got its boot on the neck of another visiting CHL holder
  61. little bit of a time capsule....
  62. Optics Planet
  63. Best $600 Shotgun
  64. DC ordered to pay a million bucks to Alan Gura in gun case loss
  65. New Pistol Incoming!
  66. Funny Story
  67. 1911 choices
  68. $537 ar?
  69. Got my first pistol
  70. Need advice .223/5.56 bolt action rifle
  71. Glendale Gun Show this weekend
  72. Personal protection at its best.
  73. Another one for the safe.
  74. Shipping a rifle?
  75. So...About to start stocking the store...
  76. To clean or not to clean
  77. Sig P226 Gadsden
  78. Scope Eye!
  79. Fiber Optic Sight Review for the Mosin Nagant
  80. Gun safe question
  81. Best Cleaning Solvents
  82. The Elite Arms And Supply Gun shop building thread!
  83. Damn, I moved at the wrong time!
  84. Best online resource for prices (MSRP or "real")?
  85. Gun coatings
  86. IMFDB Internet Movie Firearms Database
  87. The TS 1911 Thread
  88. Wow...I'm thrilled w/ my new purchase
  89. Need Recco for Range Bag
  90. The JC needs a new .308 rifle
  91. VIDEO - This is what itís like to be shot at with an AK-47
  92. Used my buddies good camera to take pics at the range, Tommy Gun and .45
  93. Awesome story.
  94. Hangun videos?
  95. Caught in flash mob!
  96. Brings a tear do this daddy's eye
  97. I was at my gun club and this happened...
  98. Looking for a good 22 rifle for my son
  99. Daniel Craig at the range...
  100. 8.5" lwrc 556 psd
  101. Hasn't everyone wanted to own a Tommy Gun?
  102. California 'approved' gun list question
  103. SIG 556 review
  104. Buy once, cry once? Ammo Failings
  105. BB guns in CA must be neon, yellow, pink, etc
  106. 7th circuit to Chicago: "Pay up, biatches"
  107. Torture Test... DDM4 (video)
  108. Thinking of switching from Springfield to Beretta...
  109. Gun PORN!!!
  110. Lets talk revolvers
  111. Need advice on getting my first rifle.
  112. New optics for the AR
  113. 12 Gauge Dragons Breath
  114. Need a Good Carry Pistol
  115. Ruger sr-556 thoughts
  116. New Rifle is now pimped out, decked out, and blinged out...
  117. Osama
  118. What ammo for Taurus .380 ??
  119. Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard
  120. Harry Potter should have carried a 1911
  121. Well, we pulled the trigger!
  122. VIDEO - FPS Russia...nuff said...!!!
  123. WWII veteran has still got it... 1000 yards
  124. Laserlyte, seems like a really neat idea
  125. Great blog/board gunfights ect in AF and Iraq
  126. Animals that should be put down
  127. Zombies, Katrina Thugs, Looters, and other bad guys beware...
  128. New Skeet Gun...
  129. Choices! Help me decide!!!
  130. Rifle to Pistol Transitions
  131. Shot my 1st IPSC challenge!!
  132. xs big dot for Remington 870
  133. IL Supreme Court: Out of staters do not need FOID
  134. How do you decide?
  135. AK-47 question: Should I buy this model
  136. VO Guns Debuts the Falcon, World's Most Expensive Rifle, for $820,000
  137. A heart warming story
  138. New to the site, figured I would share a few pics of my meager collection.. PIC HEAVY
  139. Long Range Shooting Simulator
  140. Calif Legal????
  141. Ammo Comparison
  142. WWII vet shoots 5" group at 1,000 yards.
  143. Kriss Super-V .45 ACP has arrived
  144. Girandoni air rifle, as used by Lewis & Clark.
  145. Fnh scar 17s
  146. Long Range Shooting Simulator
  147. Death comes to Clay Pigeons
  148. Talk to me about concealed holsters
  149. Sig P245
  150. 8 mm ammo source?
  151. Buying First Handgun Help
  152. My first purchase after moving to Austin
  153. I love lamp...SUTLER NO NEED TO COMMENT...THANKS!
  154. Kicker vs. guys with shotguns
  155. AK's... which one?
  156. Sons of Guns
  157. City of San Fernando to pay 44K to victim of false firearms arrest
  158. Video proof that the Hughes Amendment (machine gun ban) did NOT pass
  159. Best handgun for the wife?
  160. Skeet/trap questions
  161. HK Junkies...PSA on your MR AR
  162. CA mail-order pistol ammo ban struck down
  163. CCW Holder helps a woman
  164. New Acquisition
  165. Noveske Mid-Length...
  166. Oh geeze...
  167. 'splodey video.
  168. Oh good, another moron.
  169. Had to have it
  170. This will find a place in my home once it's released
  171. I think I'm gonna buy me one of these here guns...
  172. 357 magnum
  173. Mouse gun for 1911 lovers
  174. Hate your Benelli M4 stock?
  175. V22 Osprey Program History (..long)
  176. Beretta 93R
  177. Trusted online dealers for older guns
  178. Keltec PMR-30
  179. My Hk416
  180. Another way to use a GoPro HD Camera
  181. Help "moving" some guns
  182. 50 caliber on back of willys jeep... for all you gun/war guys
  183. Gotta love Texas
  184. Everything you needed to know about buying a gun
  185. MMMM...My new 1911...Colt Gov Special w/custom toys...
  186. I've got a gun boner
  187. First Rifle
  188. Bump fire stock
  189. US deploys 'game-changer' weapon to Afghanistan
  190. Soft gun case
  191. red dot sight on a budget
  192. Shooting fail
  193. Duck and Goose guys on here...
  194. My new toy
  195. NEED a new deer rifle
  196. Shotgun Wall Mount
  197. Sacramento folks, great news on CCW
  198. Buying used police issued?
  199. Lunch at the club
  200. Orders we will NOT obey!
  201. Outstanding AR v. AK video series
  202. Finally own my first fire arm....well 2!
  203. Interest in Springfield XD .40
  204. Open Carry Event went without a hitch
  205. Injunction filed against CA ammo internetz sales ban
  206. Bad Ammo!!
  207. FN SCAR short barrels
  208. FS: Sig Sauer 556 SWAT
  209. FS:LaRue Tactical OBR Complete 7.62 Rifle 16" Barrel
  210. Good gun store north of Chicago?
  211. Looking for workhorse AR 15
  212. rifle dealer markup?
  213. LWRC REPR PrON:
  214. Anyone want my .40 S&W Sigma?
  215. Gotta love Texas
  216. First DC, then Chicago, now NEW YORK
  217. Course Announcement - DARC Civilian Tactical Carbine Class
  218. Thoughts on an ED Brown 1911
  219. picked up a nighthawk
  220. Why liberals should love the Second Amendment
  221. SCOTUS reaffirms Second Amendment
  222. What do you guys think of FAL's
  223. SOCOM drops MK-16 SCAR for M-4, buys more MK-17s
  224. What do you guys make of this?
  225. Pocket Pistols
  226. Post pics of your SKS
  227. New Ed Brown (and PTR91) -- Pictures
  228. Sheriff from the OC that you should know
  229. any exp with 5.45x39 chambered AR?
  230. SU-16, not an M4 but what do you think?
  231. H&K HK45 Threaded Suppressor Barrel Awesome Deal!!
  232. Streamlight TLR-2 LED/Laser Glock HK Etc.
  233. One unique .45
  234. So I wanted to build a nice 1000 yard .308
  235. These Drug Cartel guys been watching too much Cribs and Pimp my Ride
  236. stoner mags.
  237. Better Buy: BUSHMASTER M4 A1 Post Ban or Smith and Wesson M&P15 ORC?
  238. Soo....
  239. Flying with firearms in checked bags
  240. British Sniper sets new distance kill record
  241. New gun advise
  242. OR handgun law question
  243. Mayor Daley - Showing some love to the gun industry...again.
  244. The wall of shame; know any of these losers?
  245. Chris Costa Photoshop
  246. Arizona to allow concealed carry without permit
  247. Descrimination against Open Carriers
  248. Found my gun S&W Sigma Series .40
  249. worth a second look
  250. Looking for a shotgun or handgun