Porsche Releases 9:11 Magazine Episode Two: “Pure”

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Porsche’s new video magazine comes out swinging with a stellar second episode.

As we discussed when the first episode dropped, Porsche’s 9:11 Magazine is a new, nine minute and eleven second, five-times-a-year video series. It’s packed with in-depth interviews, awesome videography, and really cool premises. This episode revolves around the concept of “Pure,” delivering stories of pure passion, pure technicality, and pure pleasure.

Each 9:11 episode is broken up into four pieces, and this one offers a very special treat: an opening interview with Dr. Erik Brandenburg. From there it moves on to a stop-motion teardown of a 911 Turbo engine. Then we take a trip through the Porsche archives. And finally, we end up on a joyous romp through the Porsche Museum overflow storage.

If you don’t know who Dr. Brandenburg is by now, you’re truly missing out on one of the most interesting stories in the Porsche world. He’s a cancer doctor by trade, but in his spare time Brandenburg builds, maintains, sells, and campaigns Porsche 911 rally cars. Oh, and he’s also an amateur falconer. He may just be the real “most interesting man in the world.”

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pure Porsche rally car

Porsche’s 911 Turbo has been a staple of pure performance for decades. But the episode’s engine teardown helps demystify the car a little. There isn’t anything particularly special about the inner workings of a 911 engine, and the Turbo is no different. It’s is an extremely well orchestrated stop-motion, though.

If there is one place Porsche nerds want to visit before they exit mortal existence, it’s probably the Porsche archives. There are documents there from the company’s inception. Take, for instance, Ferdinand Porsche’s first accounting of the company as it grew from nothing. His order books are a fascinating resource, and an interesting way to gain some insight into what Porsche was like back then.

The fourth segment will almost make you want to get up and dance, with a series of jump cuts, strange-yet-cool camera manipulations, and a dubstep soundtrack overlayed. From the earliest of 356s to the current models, this is a cool way to view Porsche’s history.

Check out the full video magazine above, then let us know what you think!

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