President Trump’s Former Ferrari F430 Flip Fizzles

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Ferrari F430 formerly owned by Donald Trump went under the gavel at Auction America’s Ft. Lauderdale sale.

The 45th President of the United States is a flashy man with exotic tastes, who once had a penchant for Italian cars. Donald Trump has previously owned a handful of Ferrari and Lamborghini products, and the owners of those cars are apparently attempting to cash in on his presidency.

In fact, Trump’s former Lamborghini Diablo recently sold on eBay for nearly half a mill. That’s “around 75 percent higher than what Diablos, on average, go for,” according to Motor Authority. So last month in Florida (a state which Trump won in the election and where he spends many weekends golfing), Auctions America brought his old 2007 Ferrari F430 across the auction block. They obviously hoped to make some money by associating themselves with the Commander in Chief’s mega-celebrity.

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Unfortunately for Auctions America, that apparently didn’t happen. The car ultimately fell just short of their pre-auction low estimate of $250,000. And it didn’t come anywhere close to their high estimate of $350,000. Ultimately, the $240,000 sale price represents a minimal premium over any non-celebrity, well-kept, low-mile F430. It just didn’t drum up the kind of bidding fervor that AA expected.

The Ferrari itself is a 2007 model with an “F1 Gear” transmission, purchased new by Trump and ordered with “Daytona-style” seats and lots of interior carbon trim. “The Donald” drove the car 2,400 miles in four years, before selling and moving onto something new. The odometer currently reads just under 6,000 miles, with the remaining miles added by the second and third owners. When new, the 4.3-liter small-bore V8’s 483 horsepower was pretty remarkable, but these days there are dozens of family sedans producing that kind of power.

What do you think, would you want to own the President’s former Ferrari?

Photo [AFP/Leila Macor]

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