Porsche Launches New 9:11 Video Magazine With Walter Rohrl

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The underlying theme of this video is “Courage,” as displayed by famed rally driver Walter Rohrl.

Porsche is launching a new film series called 9:11 Magazine, to be released five times annually. 9:11, so called for the famous Porsche model and because each episode lasts exactly nine minutes and eleven seconds, focuses heavily on the past, while keeping an eye toward the future. Every episode will be presented in four distinct parts, always based around a common theme. This time we’re talking about “Courage.”

Walter Rohrl

The series opens on famed Porsche racing driver Walter Rohrl. This is a man who made his name in rally before making the jump to circuit sports car racing. In this short, Rohrl regales the audience with tales of his rallying days, like when he memorized a particularly difficult and treacherous stretch of rally stage overborne with fog. By taking the time to drive the stage a number of times on his own before the race, he was able to run that bit essentially from memory, not relying on his eyes to traverse the dark. Ultimately, he was several minutes faster than the competition, because of his courage.

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The video’s second segment focuses on Porsche’s courageous use of non-standard color palettes. Whether it be Bahama Yellow, Viper Green, India Red, Star Ruby, or Miami Blue, each of these colors are vibrant and bold. And each is a courageous choice for any Porsche customer who desires a bright aesthetic.

The third segment is a retrospective on Porsche’s water-cooled transaxle era. The 928, 924, 944, and 968 are all phenomenal cars, but were a huge departure from Porsche’s air-cooled rear-engine tradition. This segment feels a bit self-congratulatory to us, though, only for the simple fact that Porsche mentions how courageous they were for building these cars in the first place, regardless of how true it is.

The fourth segment is a simple-yet-gorgeous take on the instrumental driving video theme. A Panamera shooting across the gorgeous scenery of Scotland — what more could you want?

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