South African LaFerrari Might Get Crushed

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Witless hypercar owner attempts to sneak bright-red Ferrari LaFerrari past authorities.

For average, regular working guys, a new car purchase is not something to be taken lightly. There’s the price of the car itself, but you also have to budget accordingly for taxes, fees, insurance, and registration costs. If you managed to handle all of that on your own the last time you bought a new car, you’re doing a lot better than this South African LaFerrari owner.

It seems that the owner purchased the car in 2014, and attempted to smuggle it into the country without paying South Africa’s import duties. As a result, it was impounded. And it sat until it was returned to the owner, who was given 24 hours to cough up the cash or take it out of the country.

The owner, of course, did the logical thing and… immediately tried to sneak it into the country again at the Congolese border. Keep in mind, border agents are trained to sniff out the tiniest Ziploc baggie of illegal contraband, regardless of where it’s hidden. A bright red, limited-production Ferrari hypercar is not going to fly under anyone’s radar, least of all, border patrol’s.

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Our defiant owner then attempted to convince the authorities that the car he was attempting to bring into South Africa was, in fact, a different Ferrari, which he also owns. The border agents weren’t taking the bait, though, and now the car is impounded, again.

If the car’s owner cannot cough up the necessary fees and fines, there’s a very good chance that this LaFerrari might end up crushed by the South African government. Belting in the owner and sending him along for that last ride might do wonders for the gene pool.

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