Fire-breathing Aventador Melts Away the Utah Snow

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Wrapped in purple, YouTuber’s Lamborghini Aventador gets a new tint, lights up the winter sky with fireworks galore.

Winter is fully upon us, which usually means our fine luxury performance cars and SUVs are tucked away until the warmth of spring returns. In the meantime, we’re likely looking over aftermarket websites looking for upgrades to what we have, planning future purchases, or just staying warm in our homes with a few buff books and websites to read.

And then, there are YouTubers like James Condon (a.k.a., TheStradman), who don’t mind bringing out their finest rides in the coldest, snowiest of conditions for a little fireworks, like a Lamborghini Aventador with a custom exhaust system.

Lamborghini Aventador

“Today’s a very exciting day,” Condon says. “It is the first proper drive in the Aventador with the new exhaust from Frequency Intelligent. Headphone users, seize the moment; now is the opportunity. There’s gonna be a lot of revving. There’s gonna be a lot of accelerations. And there could be a Fourth of July fireworks show, if you will.”

Before all of that happens, though Condon opens the squeaky driver’s side door (revealing the Aventador’s orange paint hiding under the metallic matte purple wrap), shills for his video’s sponsor, then rolls out to wash his car before giving it some more customization.

Lamborghini Aventador

“I noticed on Instagram yesterday, a lot of you guys were triggered because the door handles are orange,” says Condon. “Obviously, it was never the intention to leave these orange. So today, Clayton’s gonna be wrapping those. And then, we’re also going to be tinting the windows.”

After the door handles are wrapped in the same purple as the rest of the car, Clayton goes to work on tinting the windows with sheets of 43 percent tint to give Condon tons of privacy, a feat already made difficult by the fact that he owns an Aventador. The front turn signals are also tinted before Condon backs out to hit the road.

Lamborghini Aventador

Cruising through the highways around Condon’s home of Park City, Utah, the purple Aventador pops against the snow-covered mountains in more ways than one. A few revs at 6,000 rpm allow the Lambo to spit tons of fire from its gold-plated exhaust tips, adding more color to the white and black winter backdrop.

Lamborghini Aventador

“The Aventador has Valvetronic, like I mentioned earlier,” says Condon. “So, We’re going to close the valves.”

The high-tech exhaust immediately goes quiet under the setting winter sun, but the fireworks continues no matter how loud or soft the Aventador roars. Pop after pop, the flames throw tons of color under the warm glow of the sky above, all the while letting Nevada know where Condon and his crew are.


“This is Faith’s first ride in the Aventador, and we’re gonna show her Corsa mode here on the freeway,” says Condon. “It’s gonna change her life.”

And with that declaration, the Aventador springs to life on the way back to Park City, catching Faith off-guard as a proper Lamborghini should. Her only response is to laugh all the way down the road.

A few minutes and a phone call from Clayton later, she lets Condon know a cop is not far from their position, prompting him to activate the car’s Strada mode and the exhaust’s quiet mode so as to not attract the state trooper’s attention. Not long after, Condon throws it all back on.

Lamborghini Aventador

“The crazy thing about an exhaust [is] it just completely transforms this car,” Condon says near the end of the video. “I loved the Aventador before, but now, that love is just, well, it’s elevated. It’s also louder.”

He adds that the Aventador is “the single coolest car you can buy for $7 million,” even though the price, thankfully, only a couple hundred thousand. For him, the Aventador is an event, an occasion, and a fun machine to drive, especially in the life-changing Corsa mode. We couldn’t agree more.

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