Watch a Supercharged Lamborghini Huracán Go Nuts at Willow Springs

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After watching these videos, we think Lamborghini should dive head-first into forced-induction.

Ah, Lamborghini. For more than half a century, the maniacs from Sant’Agata Bolognese have been building the world’s archetypal supercars. Almost always mid-engined, definitely always outrageous, and all with more than eight cylinders. But times are changing.

Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2

Until the upcoming Urus SUV drops, the only way Lambo knows how to do an engine is with natural aspiration. Forced-induction may be on its way to taking over the performance car world, but you wouldn’t know it if you were following Italy’s supercar builders. So if you want a supercharged Lamborghini, you’re going to have to go aftermarket. And in the case of this Huracán, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The best part? It’s all filmed for our viewing pleasure.

In YouTube channel Driving Line’s “Huracán Drag Part I: Boosting the Bull,” pro driver Samuel Hübinette takes us through this build. Starting with an LP-580-2: The already driver-focused, rear-wheel drive Huracán, the channel teams up with VF Engineering to install a Magnuson TVS2300 roots supercharger and upgraded fuel rails, injectors, and an ECU tune. Rolling into the garage, the Lambo makes 492.73 wheel horsepower on the dyno.

“When you go into something like this, you might feel a little uncomfortable putting in a supercharger system,” he says. Well, yes, we probably would feel uncomfortable bolting a supercharger onto a Huracán’s V10. But the video (and VF’s surgically clean garage) makes it look easy. Plus, the results are just so sweet. When all is said and done, this blown beast puts out an incredible 685.75 horses.
The first thing Hübinette does with the supercharged Huracán is take it out and roast its tires. But that isn’t the point. As he says at the end of Part I: “Let’s take it to the race track and really take it to its limits.”

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