Hasselblad and Koenigsegg Pair for the Ultimate in Swedish Excellence

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This Swedish machine is unique, meticulously crafted, limited production, top-of-the-line, and possesses absolutely stunning performance. But are we talking about the car or the camera?

By this point you’ve seen the results of Koenigsegg’s top-speed record run in the Nevada desert back in November. In case you have been living under a rock, their test driver took a customer’s Agera RS for a drive down 10 miles of closed desert highway for a new record of 277.9 miles per hour. The car actually reached in excess of 280 miles per hour in one direction, but they needed to average two runs to make the record stick.

From one Swede to another, Swedish medium-format camera manufacturer Hasselblad brought photographer Toshi Oku out to document the event with his H6D-100c camera. According to Hasselblad themselves, this is “considered the premier medium-format camera on the market. The H6D-100c features a 100-megapixel sensor that is 70 percent larger than the typical full-frame 35mm camera’s sensor.” Like the Agera, the H6D is a clean and functionally designed piece of Swedish engineering. Smooth curved shapes and ergonomic comfort exemplify both machines, and one capturing the other is truly a work of art. The gorgeous photos you see here are the result.

“To me, the Hasselblad is the best camera available in this market,” said Toshi Oku, a Japanese-born photographer who specializes in automotive and landscape photography. “Getting an assignment like this is a dream come true. When I saw that Koenigsegg car in that beautiful desert light, I knew I was going to get something beautiful.”

Toshi continued, “I wanted to approach this as more of a fine art project than a commercial car shoot. With the detail you get from the H6D-100c I can shoot my images as an entire frame but also crop and recompose images later without worrying about a loss in quality. The benefit of a 100-megapixel camera is that its images don’t look digital.”

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