Singer Teams Up With F1 Legend Williams To Make Better 911s

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Is this the best engine we could ever dream of?

Singer Vehicle Designs’ Reimagined 911s are already some of the most desirable and impressive cars on the road today. Their perfect blend of classic style and feel with modern technology and convenience is impossible to beat. Now we have even more to love when it comes to Singer’s builds. The California dream-makers just announced they have a new engine, and it sounds amazing.

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They start with an air-cooled flat six, add Williams F1 expertise for high performance and low weight, and top it all off with the undeniable brilliance of the Hans Mezger as a consultant on the project. This excellent piece of automotive pornography is a 4.0 liter, naturally aspirated motor that revs to 9,000 rpm and produces 500 horsepower.

Let that sink in for a moment. You can get a new air-cooled engine with the same power as a 2017 GT3 RS. And it’s a MEZGER! The actual parts and pieces of this new engine are as advanced as you would expect from such an engineering mashup. The connecting rods and exhaust are titanium, the air box and trumpets are carbon fiber, and the throttle bodies are aluminum.

The engine has been designed as a standalone product. No price has been announced, but as they say, “if you have to ask…” It features a ton of beautiful design ideas, and every piece of this new engine looks like a sculpture. Our favorite feature is the large dual air intake that is integrated into the space previously occupied by the rear quarter windows.

Can you just imagine the intake and engine noise you will hear inside of a car with this engine? If you’ll excuse us, we need a moment alone.


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