How Much Did Bugatti Learn In Over A Decade Of Veyron Production?

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Yes, the new Bugatti Chiron is fast. Of course, it’s fast, but it can actually do other car things, too?

Bugatti redefined the capabilities of a car when they introduced the Veyron. It was the fastest and among the most powerful things you could buy, certainly among four-wheeled things. That car was singularly focused on outright speed without any drama. It just existed to be fast. It became a symbol of money and power due to its huge price tag, even though the portly powerhouse handled more akin to a dump truck than a sports car. Back then, a million-dollar car was unheard of.

Chris Harris Bugatti Veyron & Chiron

These days, a million-dollar car is practically passé. If you aren’t charging upwards of two million for your hypercar, you’re nobody. The Chiron ups everything from the Veyron it replaces: horsepower, speed, MSRP, beauty, excitement factor, and cornering Gs.

The biggest takeaway of this short film from our favorite Top Gear host, Chris Harris, is that the Chiron is actually a competent cornering machine. With better tires, a better suspension system, and a completely revamped chassis, the Chiron is better in every way than the car it replaces. It can dominate the straight stretches as well as when the road turns ribbon.

What do you think of all of this change at Bugatti? Was it too little too late? Has the Chiron’s nearly $3-million price turned you off? Would you rather have a Veyron for some reason? Let us know your opinion by chiming in on the forums. In the meantime, take the less-than-10-minute break to watch Chris Harris talk up the Chiron’s many qualities.

[Source: Top Gear on YouTube]

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