2018 Phantom VIII: Rolls-Royce Whispers to Their People

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phantom rolls-Royce

Contrary to popular belief, rich people are actually very easy to please, as they want everything. On the other hand, we commoners are a picky bunch.

What comes to mind when you hear “Rolls-Royce?” Do you think of a car, an experience, or a status symbol? Take for example Hermès, Ritz-Carlton, and Patek Philippe. Three brands that know rich people. We’re not talking about just knowing their email addresses, but knowing their birthdays, their travel plans, where they spend their summers and winters, knowing which timepiece, handbag, or destination they’d like to enjoy for Mothers Day.

phantom rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce just unveiled their latest and greatest flagship vehicle, the 2018 Phantom VIII. Touted as the quietest vehicle on earth, the definition of luxury, opulence on wheels, and even the status symbol to have, the British manufacturer knows a thing or two about their clientele.

See, knowing your audience is a very good thing, especially when you sell vehicles that could cost upwards of half-a-million dollars. Or a handbag that costs $170,000 in the case of Hermès. This is why during the Phantom’s reveal from London, little time was wasted talking about engine specifications and performance. The price wasn’t even discussed.

phantom rolls-Royce

Instead, things like “The Gallery,” which is what most of us would call “the dashboard,” were thoroughly covered. The extra wide piece of real estate can be customized with anything you could imagine. From real gold, silver, mother of pearl, leather, veneer, to hand-painted roses, you name it (and drop a large enough check) and you’ve got it.

A few more common references made during the launch revolved around the new 30-percent stiffer chassis, and the fact that it’s not currently shared with any other siblings (although it will be in the future). In addition, the 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 was mentioned here and there, as well as its 563 horses. More importantly, Rolls-Royce bragged about the 300 pounds of sound insulation material that were stuffed inside the Phantom VIII.


As with most vehicles from Goodwood, exterior and interior design will vary greatly depending on the customer’s desires. Some of the original photography released by the manufacturer includes a purple Phantom with purple and white leather interior, which we think looks absolutely stunning.

So, if you happen to wonder if the Phantom VIII has Apple CarPlay or if it includes free car washes for life, just remember that none of that really matters to the people who Rolls-Royce speaks to. All those folks want to know is how their headliner is different from their neighbors’, if their trunk floor’s teak wood was brought from India, and if the lambswool floor carpets come in mandarin orange.

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