Monster Supra Vs. Porsche 991 Turbo S (Video)

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Find out what happens when you put a 1000+ hp Toyota Supra up against a 500+ hp 991 Turbo S!

We’ve seen a few videos from now and featuring this lunatic level Supra roll racing against modern supercars. It isn’t getting old seeing the Supra scrabble for grip as the turbo finally spools up though. Not even close. You’ll see commenters on the YouTube page complain that the turbo is too big and the car is badly tuned. But the YouTube commenters are wrong.

Toyota Supra 1000 horsepower

It would be too big a turbo and wonky tuning for, say, anything but roll racing. We’re pretty sure at this point that this car is designed to let the other car get away quicker, and then own them by the end of the run. It certainly doesn’t seem to care what the other car is.

If you find yourself feeling nervous watching this from the passenger seat, imagine actually being the camera guy. The fuel pumps whining away over the 1000+ horsepower engine while the car can’t find traction until 5th gear must be a buttock-clenching experience.

But, let’s not feel too bad for the Porsche 991 driver thinking he has it before the Supra roars past. He’s comfortable, has paddles for his gears, plenty of grip and most definitely is not terrified. In any other kind of race, except a full mile, he would leave the Supra looking a bit silly. Particularly if there was a corner or two involved. Hell, he may even still have a warranty, which the Supra most definitely doesn’t. Even if you ignore the age of the car, the idea it takes just a couple of bolt-ons to squeeze 1000+ horses out of the 2JZ-GTE Inline-6 is a myth. The fact that this brutal green machine is out there slaying supercars in a very specific kind of racing without the engine going pop, well, that just warms our hearts.

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