V10-Powered E30 M3 Gives Lambo Huracan Trouble in Drag Race

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A Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 is an amazing supercar, but this BMW M3 manages to keep up with the exotic Italian car in a straight line.

The Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 is the enthusiast-oriented version of the automaker’s entry-level supercar. Being the base model, though, doesn’t mean that the Huracan is slow. Thanks to its 5.2-liter V10 engine that cranks out 572 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque, the supercar is blisteringly quick in straight line.

Despite its supercar status and high-performance parts, the Huracan has a hard time beating this BMW E30 M3. Why? The E30 M3 is also packing a naturally-aspirated V10. And that kind of power-to-weight ratio is good enough to take on a bona fide supercar.

Lamborghini Huracan vs BMW E30 M3

In its latest video, GT Board pits two unlikely vehicles against one another. The Huracan should blow past the E30 M3, but the BMW has an ace up its sleeve. The four-cylinder engine has been replaced by a 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine from a M5. In the E60 M5, the engine was good for 500 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque. Those figures are extraordinary for a sedan. But in a lighter, two-door sports car, that figure is even more potent.

Clearly, the V10-powered E30 M3 proves that you don’t need to have a supercar to have supercar-performance. Yeah, having a Huracan would be nice, but imagine the driver’s face when he sees that a 30-year-old vehicle is keeping up with an exotic. Check out the video below to see how the race goes down and to hear two howling V10s in action.

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