Karma Showcases Pininfarina Designed GT Coupe in Cool New Clip

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Making of Karma GT video provides fascinating behind-the-scenes look at two-door sport coupe variant of the 2020 Revero GT.

To further celebrate its joining of creative minds, Southern California-based auto manufacturer Karma has released a great new video celebrating its partnership with Pininfarina to create the next generation of hybrid supercars, and the results are stunning. The Making of Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina details the mission and design process of creating the Pininfarina GT, a luxury two-door sport coupe based on Karma’s 2020 Revero GT.

With the Karma Pininfarina GT, Karma sought to combine their “Southern California soul” with Italian “dolce vita.” In stepped Pininfarina to aid the process, and the results speak for themselves. The Italian design firm took the underlying platform for the Revero GT and crafted an entirely unique body and interior that are simple, elegant, and bold all at once.

Karma Pininfarina GT coupe

Over 50 world-class artisans were chosen to assist in bringing to life what Pininfarina hopes to be a “timeless beauty.” The vehicle features include a striking front face, crisp lines, opulent interior, and the ever-present hand-painted Karma badge.

One can only hope that the Pininfarina GT travels beyond its one-off production and manages to make it onto showroom floors as it truly is a beauty that should not remain hidden. Pininfarina even thought highly enough of the vehicle to grace it with its GT (Gran Turismo) moniker. A designation reserved only for its most exceptional in-house productions. This marks the first time it has ever been bestowed upon a collaborative project.

The Pininfarina GT utilizes the same hybrid powerplant employed in the 2020 Revero GT; a BMW 1.5l 3-cylinder gas engine and a new 28-kWh battery pack. Details have not yet surfaced regarding official HP and torque ratings for the Pininfarina GT, but they are likely in the same ballpark as the 535hp and 550 lb-ft of torque as the Revero.

With the switch to the new battery pack and BMW engine for its drivetrains, Karma has lowered weight, increased power, and improved electric range in the process. The Pininfarina is said to have a range improvement of 30 miles over the previous generations of Karma Revero.

This unveiling showcases the second in a trio of vehicles for what Karma has referred to as its “Shanghai Big Three.”┬áThis trio consists of the 2020 Revero GT, Pininfarina GT, and SC1 Vision Concept with each vehicle representing the brands “immediate, mid-term, and long-term future,” While the Revero GT is expected to hit showrooms later this year, the SC1 Vision Concept is a futuristic look at Karma’s intentions for a fully electric tomorrow.

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