Russian Youtubers Build Insane Bentley Tank

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Bentley Tank

‘Bentley Ultratank’ project started with a used, ‘total crap’ Bentley that the crew transformed into something James Bond would kill for.

It’s not too often you associate Bentley with phrases like “project car” or “engine swap.” However, Auto Blog sheds some light on creative Russian YouTubers from the AcademeG channel who took that crazy concept up a few notches, turning a Bentley Continental into a tank. Yes, a tank! One that is aptly named the “Bentley Ultratank.” It was a monumental feat of engineering and construction that, luckily, was extensively filmed for us to watch (below).

The project started where many YouTube projects start these days. One member of the AcademeG team bought the cheapest Bentley Continental GT he could find. As you can imagine, it had some issues. The primary and most costly of them being that it needed both turbos on the W12 engine replaced. Reasonably, he decided that warranted tearing it apart and turning it into a tank.

Bentley Tank

Having experienced immediate issues with the Bentley W12, and even describing it as “total crap,” they decided to do away with it altogether. In its place now sits a twin-turbo Toyota 1UZ V8. The tank tracks are wrapped around a one-off custom built assembly, specifically designed to fit their mangled Continental GT. It is driven from the rear by a standard axle, fitted with custom made cogs to spin the big heavy tracks. The entire build process can be found on their youtube channel, but beware! The video series is incredibly captivating, and you may well end up binge-watching the entire collection.

So, after months of custom fabrication and building to form one of the most luxurious car examples into a tank, what do you do with it? Tank stuff, obviously. It just wouldn’t be right to do anything but rip this beast through the mud and over the top of some unsuspecting cars.

It’s hard to imagine something more over-the-top than turning a Bentley into a fully functioning tracked vehicle. It seems, though, that if anyone is going to one-up this project, it will be the folks over at AcademeG. This project is still ongoing and being updated via their YouTube channel, so give them a subscription to keep up to date on the happenings of the Bentley Ultratank.

Photos: AcademeG

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