Honda-Powered Porsche 911 Perfectly Exemplifies SEMA 2018

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Honda-Powered Porsche 911 SEMA 2018

We spotted this blasphemous but totally legit Porsche 911 packing a Honda four-banger in Vegas.

When you think of Las Vegas, you think of excess. This is Sin City, the place that people go to gamble, drink, and participate in all sorts of various shenanigans. Thus, Vegas is also the perfect place for the automotive extravaganza known as SEMA. This aftermarket showcase is famous for its nearly endless variety of insane, over-the-top custom builds. And what’s more insane or over-the-top than a Honda K20-swapped Porsche 911?

Here at Team Speed, we’re suckers for the legendary Porsche 911. Thus, we stopped in our tracks when we spotted Turn 14‘s wild multi-colored ride while perusing SEMA’s massive showgrounds. But we quickly found out that the audacious paint isn’t even the craziest thing about this Porsche. That’s reserved for what lies under the hood – a Honda K-Series engine wearing a pair of massive turbos.

Honda-Powered Porsche 911 SEMA 2018

It might seem crazy, but there are at least a handful of K-powered Porsche 911 examples running around. And as much as we love Porsche’s iconic flat-six, there are some valid reasons for this kind of blasphemy. For starters, Honda four-bangers are notoriously reliable and bulletproof. They’re also ultra cheap to maintain and upgrade. And they’re very light, which helps balance out these featherweight air-cooled 911s.

Honda-Powered Porsche 911 SEMA 2018

Just don’t expect them to sound anywhere near as good as an air-cooled flat-six singing its glorious song. But love it or hate it, this Porsche 911 is perfect for SEMA. It’s wild, crazy, and very much controversial. But we’d wager that it won’t be the craziest thing we see on SEMA’s campus. So stay tuned, because we’re coming to you live from Vegas all week!

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