Porsche Gifts Boxter to ‘Race to Singapore’ Winner

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Race to Singapore

Romanian athlete Simona Halep headed into the World Tennis Association Finals driving a gorgeous Porsche 718 Boxter GTS.

Congratulations are in order for Romanian professional tennis player Simona Halep, who just scored a sweet Porsche 718 Boxter GTS after winning the World Tennis Association’s “Race to Singapore” competition. And even more impressive, this is the second time the 27-year-old athlete has won the competition.

The official qualifications ranking for the WTA finals, “Race to Singapore” features the world’s best women’s tennis players competing in a total of 56 tournaments. At the end of the season, the eight top players head to Singapore to compete in the finals.

“After Winning my maiden Grand Slam title at Roland Garros this year, finishing first in the ‘Race to Singapore’ is an honor that makes me very proud,” said Halep about her most successful professional season yet. “Winning for the second year in a row is a fantastic moment for me, and I hope I can carry this good form over into the new season.”

Porsche has been sponsoring the WTA and the “Race to Singapore” tournament for the past two years, each year, awarding the winner of the season-long Race to Singapore with a brand-new Porsche. Both the 2017 and 2018 seasons saw Simona Halep emerge as the top point-scorer. Last year, the Porsche-sponsored prize was a 911 Carrera GTS but this time around, the awesome 718 Boxter GTS was presented to the winner as a cherry on top.

Race to Singapore

SPORTS REPORT: Oliver Eidam, Porsche’s Head of Brand Partnerships, and Race to Singapore winner Simona Halep celebrate the tennis star’s win.

“We’d like to congratulate Simona on winning the ‘Porsche Race to Singapore’ for the second time,” said Porsche’s Marketing Director, Detlev von Platen. “With the 2018 Porsche Race to Singapore, we have once again succeeded in being visible throughout the year in international women’s tennis. It is a strong sign of our bond and close cooperation with the WTA.”

The WTA finals took place Oct. 21-28 in Singapore, where they had been held since 2014. The 2019 season will be taking place in Shenzhen, China.

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