Drag Tech Racing & Motor Werks Wow SEMA with Red-hot Porsche

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Team Speed is reporting live from SEMA to showcase the hottest and fastest rides in Sin City. 

The crew at Team Speed in in Sin City reporting from SEMA 2018, and we weren’t here more than five minutes before we already spotted one of the coolest cars in all of Vegas: a cherry-red, slammed Porsche.

Featuring Nexen Tires, the sweet ride was a collaboration with Drag Tech Racing, Motor Werks, and a number of other influential aftermarket companies. The custom body work is certainly an attention-getter, but it’s the sporty rear spoiler that is a standout feature that’s hard to miss.

The cherry red pops, and while we realize slammed isn’t for everyone, it does look pretty damn cool. The Porsche’s custom lighting is a little sinister, and we kind of love it.

We’ll be featuring more unique custom builds from SEMA, so check back for more wild rides all week.

Photos for Team Speed by Nolan Browning

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