Watch Ford Attempt to Drown a 2017 GT

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Because Even Supercars See Rain Occasionally, Ford Makes Sure the GT Can Handle Serious Moisture

Seeing a supercar out in foul weather is a rare site indeed. But if you are the lucky owner of a new Ford GT, feel safe knowing that your new carbon rocketship can handle any rainy day. Ford puts all of its machines through a “water and splash” test to evaluate how well the car will behave if it encounters a large puddle on the road. And Ford’s definition of large puddle appears to be “Olympic-length wading pool.” This video, direct from Ford Performance, shows just how well a new Ford GT can perform when the going gets wet.

Ford GT splash test
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First we see the car dip into a near-freezing pool, which must be at least 30 yards in length. Then the GT emerges from the other side, with water pouring out of every venting orifice in the rear. And it’s no worse for wear!

Take this as a hint, GT owners. Your brand-new supercar may cost a half-million dollars and be one of only a few hundred in existence, but get out there and drive the thing. It is built and designed to be driven. So please get them on the road where the rest of us can enjoy seeing and hearing them. If Ford can drive one through a small pond on a snowy winter’s day, you can sure as hell make a trip into town during a little summer drizzle.

That 647-horsepower EcoBoost V6 is in there for a reason. Now get out there and enjoy it!

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