Bugatti Builds First Customer Chirons

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This Beautiful Video From Bugatti Is a Love Letter to Car Enthusiasts

After years of hype, rumors, development, sketches, leaks, testing, spy shots, pre-production prototypes, and show appearances, the Bugatti Chiron is now a real car that exists in the real world. No, of course you can’t buy it — they’re more or less all accounted for, at this point — but this week, the very first series production Bugatti Chirons are leaving the Molsheim factory, destined for their very fortunate new owners.

In this beautifully produced official video from Bugatti, we can see the first three Chirons destined for customers are presented to the world. It’s a beautiful sendoff, and those first three lucky owners have a priceless record of their car’s birth. It’s really the culmination of a dream — not only for the lucky owners, but for everyone involved in the process. And really, for everyone in the world who loves cars.


As you can see above, the video starts with cold, dark, wintry shots of the factory in Molsheim, France. The grounds of the facility look more like an expensive boarding school, or a palatial estate, than a hypercar factory. But then again, that’s just one more way the Bugatti Chiron stands head and shoulders above everything else.

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Gradually, we see the aforementioned design sketches, interspersed with shots of various castings bearing the iconic “EB” logo. We also see various parts of the factory grounds that share the same logo, including its subtle integration into wrought-iron fences.

Finally, we witness the three Chirons come to life. With surgical care and precision, each Chiron is assembled with tender loving care, a vision of absolute perfection. The video ends with a careful procession of the completed cars, accompanied only by the sounds of the wintry winds blowing through the Molsheim factory grounds.

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