Top Gear Team in Hot Norwegian Water For Speeding

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BBC Top Gear Cast

Will the Top Gear cast get jail time for speeding up to 151 mph on Norwegian public roads?

In case you have been hiding under the universe’s largest rock, Top Gear UK is hitting hard and heavy with new hosts and new action-packed content. Sometimes when making that content, the team needs to stretch the rules of the law in regard to speed limits and safe driving etiquette. It seems these rule-bending shenanigans are about to catch up with the team in a pretty dramatic fashion. During filming in Norway, the country with some of the harshest speeding laws in the world, two Top Gear cars were clocked at speeds tripling posted speed limits.

And that could mean time behind bars for whoever was behind the wheel. Norway has a mandatory sentencing of at least 18 days jail time for excessive speeding. Max sentence can be as long as six months, and that doesn’t even start to account for the fines. No number has been provided, but we feel a speed that more than triples the posted limit will carry a monetary penalty somewhere between “absurd” and “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

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Now before you start wondering how Chris Harris will continue his constant posting on Twitter when he is locked up in a Norwegian jail cell, it seems he might not be at fault. In its official statement, the BBC has said that neither Chris Harris nor Matt LeBlanc where near the tunnel when the infraction incurred, and states it will fully cooperate with the Norwegian officials to get to the bottom of the matter.  Considering the BBC has a long standing history of using secondary film teams and stunt drivers to capture extended rolling footage, it’s not much of a surprise to hear that the hosts might were not behind the wheel at the time.

According to The SunTop Gear was filming in the Atlantic Ocean tunnel when the automated speed systems clocked two cars at high speeds. One car was clocked as high as 122 mph while the other managed to crack 151 mph, all in a tunnel with a 50 mph speed limit. Now in fairness to Top Gear, they did have a filming permit which allowed the team to close the road down, so there wasn’t any real public danger, but that permit also limited to the team to speeds of 87 mph. That permit has since been revoked. If you are wondering about the cars that were used for this little stunt, they were the Porsche Panamera Sport and the Ferrari GT4 Lusso.

At least we know they are picking some exciting cars for this next season. We personally can’t wait to see how this little issue with the authorities will tie into the finished film.

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