Porsche 911 Driver Parties Hard, Gets Stuck on Beach

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porsche 911 stuck on beach

A Porsche 911 is hardly a head-turner in the French Riviera, but beachside parking will guarantee you many looks.

There’s a reason why Porsche created the Cayenne, and subsequently the Macan. Owners who prefer to take the unpaved shortcut on their way home can enjoy these high-performance SUVs. Or at least that’s what the German auto manufacturer recommends.

Of course, there are some Porsche owners who prefer to ignore such recommendations. The result? This beached Porsche 911 found near St. Tropez. According to GT Spiritthe black convertible became stuck in the sandy shore overnight, most likely after a long night of partying in the glamorous French Riviera.

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It’s not clear how long the iconic Cabriolet remained there, or what the owner’s explanation for the silly incident was. But one thing is for sure, whatever they tried to do with the wooden slats seen on the picture did not work. It’s pretty clear that a tow truck must’ve been called in order to safely and efficiently retreat the car from the glitzy beach.

Remember, folks, if you want to off-road with a Porsche, get a Cayenne!

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