FrankenFerrari Spotted Cruising in SoCal

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Rockstar Ferrari stretch limo steals the spotlight on L.A.’s Sunset Strip. 

It looks like Oscar Mayer’s famous Wienermobile has some serious competition in the race to see who is top dog in the world of crazy custom cars.

As we were strolling up Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood last night, from a distance, we thought we were seeing a roving giant banana drifting down the world-famous strip. But when the mysterious yellow beast got closer, our jaws dropped.

Before us was the first time we’d ever seen a Ferrari 360-based stretch limousine! And on Sunset’s stretch of “Rock Row,” where over the years we’ve had random run-ins with superstars like Steven Tyler, Billy Idol, and Slash, it was the bright, double-dose of Ferrari awesomeness that was garnering the most attention. This thing is a rock star! OK, well, maybe not in everyone’s eyes, but we totally dig it.

“What a waste of a Ferrari,” said a random stranger who was gawking at the custom ride as we walked by. “I guess money doesn’t buy brains,” he added.


‘If Hugh Hefner could reincarnate into a car, it would be that.’


Hey, even rock stars get an undeserved bad review every now and again by clueless critics. We disagree with the stranger’s quick diss of the stretch Ferrari, and almost found ourselves holding up our lighters as it drove past.

Stretch Ferrari

Upon seeing the unique vehicle, our colleague, prolific auto journalist Manuel Carrillo III, expertly and succinctly summed up the stretch Ferrari in two words: “Holy sh*t!”

Our feelings, exactly.

“They made so many Ferrari 360 Modenas, one can be sacrificed for back-seat-limo science,” said Carrillo, who covers high-end and unique custom cars for Corvette Forum and MBWorld. “If Hugh Hefner could reincarnate into a car, it would be that.”

It turns out that the Ferrari stretch limo — one of three in existence — is a novelty created by a local limo rental company. It seats eight and, just like how it left the factory, the engine is placed amidships. The other two limos turn heads transporting wedding parties and prom-goers in Dubai and London.

Imagine showing up to your prom date in this limo. You’d score for sure!

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