Ferrari F40s: Even Racing Drivers Dream of Them

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Get down with the racing tech of Ferrari’s original hypercar, and the final vehicle to be approved by Enzo.

It really isn’t a surprise anymore that Petrolicious can produce a gorgeous video, and this Ferrari F40 feature is no different. From the lighting to the spectacular scenery, this video is captivating for all four minutes. If you’re a fan of Ferrari’s angular ’80s dream machine, you’ll appreciate how many different angles they managed to shoot the car from. It’s hard to call an F40 gorgeous because the design is largely angles stacked on top of angles. But somehow, Petrolicious makes it look great. You might even find yourself watching this a few times to soak it all in.

Cooper MacNeil's Ferrari F40

If you’re not familiar with the name, Cooper MacNeil is heir to the MacNeil Weathertech floor mats fortune. He’s also a driver for the Weathertech Racing team. If this F40 is any indication, he’s spending his money wisely. You can tell by his conversational attitude that he’s enthusiastic about his car. He even calls it his “dream come true.”

Ferrari’s racecar for the street was intended to be a homologation special. And though it didn’t actually end up doing much racing, it was Ferrari’s first road car to break the 200 MPH mark. As Cooper says in the video, “If you put your foot down, you’d better hold on tight“.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience this car as the driver does. It doesn’t have a radio, so just crank up your speakers and listen to this turbocharged V8 scream as it builds up the rev range. If the sound isn’t enough to make you fall in love, you might just be dead inside.

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