Sammy Hagar’s Ferrari LaFerrari Leaves People ‘Shaking’

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Legendary rocker talks cars as he prepares to launch his first-ever ‘High Tide Beach Party’ auto show this weekend in SoCal.

If the song “I Can’t Drive 55” wasn’t enough of an indicator, Sammy Hagar’s car collection will convince you he’s a gearhead through and through. In fact, it was the 1983 Ferrari 512BB used in the music video for that very song which really blew him away. He bought that car brand new, and in this interview about his growing car collection, we find Hagar’s love for cars has only intensified since.

One stand out car for us is his white on white Ferrari LaFerrari. Hagar claimed he waited 3 years for them to start making it, and considering the wait list and vetting Ferrari went through to sell these cars, that’s a believable timeline. It’s all custom tailored to Hagar’s preferences, too. Everything has to be custom picked, from exterior color, to interior color, even the trim details. “It takes hours and days on days,” Hagar says about the custom process to make it exactly how he wants it.

sammy hagar car collection laferrari

“When I got the car, I gotta tell you, it’s the most unbelievable thing on the planet. I like it better than my airplane!” Praise like that from Hagar is impressive, but he’s also keen on sharing the experience, too. Hagar particularly likes the reaction from his rock-star buddies, saying “Michael Anthony (Van Halen bassist) gets out of the car, he’s shaking. Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin drummer) got out of the car shaking.”

Hagar likes American muscle, too. He begins talking about his resto-mod Mustang, saying, “I had a ’67 Ford Shelby GT500 with the 427… I took it to Barret Jackson Auctions and sold it for $250,000… but then I missed it.” Not to worry, he had a specially made GT500 replica, one that you would actually want to drive. Well, sort of. Hagar laugh as he explains, “it’s got a Roush engine, so it’s even faster than the GT500. And its more drivable… but not really because in third gear if you punch it, it burns rubber!”

Hagar is also hosting a car show called the High Tide Beach Party on October 6, at California’s Huntington State Beach where most of his collection will be on display. If you like rock and roll and fast cars, you really ought to check it out.

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