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The Ferrari 512 BB never officially made it to our shores. At the time it was made, U.S. federalization meant the 512 would have to be substantially different from the model sold in Europe. For a low-volume car maker like Ferrari, this was an issue. So to solve it, they just didn’t sell it here. But there was a company who did convert Ferraris to U.S. specs, which is how this 1981 512 Berlinetta Boxer found its way to California for most of its life.

Canepa had sold this car to its previous owner in 2005, who kept it well maintained, and gave it regular use. Now back at Canepa, this 512 BB has received an extensive reconditioning, so you can expect everything to be in perfect order. Despite one previous paint and leather restoration, Canepa ensured everything looks as new. A number of years ago, this 512 had been upgraded to 512 BBLM specifications, which were kept during the restoration process. Hundreds of hours were spent ensuring everything mechanical was serviced, so the new owner can let the flat-twelve motor sing as loud as it did when new in 1981.

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