Porsche 991 GT3 Undergoes Amazing Transformation(s)

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Porsche 991 GT3

Who says you can’t completely change the look of your 991 GT3 every few months? 

Buying a special car like the Porsche 991 GT3 just isn’t enough for most folks. Fast, beautiful cars can always be made faster and more beautiful. No matter how good they are fresh off the showroom floor. That’s why you won’t find too many stock supercars here in the Team Speed forums. Our members prefer to stand out from the crowd, no matter how small that crowd may be. And that includes a guy who goes by the username BaderAbbas.

The OP is no stranger to supercars, but this 991 GT3 was his first Porsche purchase. So he headed to the forums to document his plans for the new ride.

“I just got my 991 GT3 last week, and so far I’m in love with the car. It’s my 1st Porsche. I was between this and a BMW M6 Gran Coupe. In my country of Saudi Arabia, the dealer never ordered any GT3s. Only Carrera S/4S and Turbos. The only GT3s in the country ordered by the clients themselves. So it’s safe to say the GT3 is rare in Saudi. I couldn’t find any for sale, and the dealer couldn’t order me one, so I got one from Dubai.

Here are the plans for the car:
-Wheels painted gloss black.
-Car fully wrapped in another color.
-Carbon bits for the interior & exterior.
-Centerlock aftermarket forged wheels.

Porsche 991 GT3

As great as these cars look in stock form, we don’t blame the OP for wanting to jazz up his all-white ride a little. And it didn’t take long for things to escalate.

“So this happened. Metallic gloss blue wrap with door jams, gloss black wheels, light tint. Car will be shipped in a few weeks to get the Akrapovic, HRE wheels, TechArt steering wheel, rear view camera, tire stickers, and carbon bits installed. Will do another proper video/ photo shoot after that is done.”

Porsche 991 GT3

What a difference a simple wrap makes! But after a few months went by, the OP had reason to redo the car all over again!

“A few months ago I had a mini car accident. The wrap was damaged on one side of the car. It did protect the car from getting scratched. Also, my parts came in, so I shipped my car to Bydesign Motorsport on the eastern region of Saudi. I just got it back a few days ago, and this is the outcome.”

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