Miniature V10 Engine Embodies Everything Right in the World

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When craftsmanship and dedication produce motorized works of art, we can’t help but fall in love.

Part of the reason we love things like watches and Legos has to do with the idea of appreciating complexity. You can pull the back off a watch and see all the intricate pieces that make it work. With Legos you get to construct something interesting from nothing more than a small pile of plastic. To carry forward this same dedication to miniature craftsmanship and the need to create, we have people building tiny engines, and that makes us unbelievably happy.

This is not the first tiny engine we have seen, but it might be one of our favorites. Built by a man who goes by the name Keith5700 on the Model Engine Maker forums, we have a fully functional 125cc V10 engine. And this is not just a tiny replica engine, either. Keith designed this entire thing himself using a custom 82-degree block angle design.

The entire project took roughly two years to complete, and it still isn’t completely done. Keith has a crude dyno he created that he wants to use to try and get some power numbers, and there is a very minor chance we may see a supercharger fitted to this V10 as well.


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Of course, after all this work, Keith isn’t sure if he would prefer to keep fiddling with the V10, or just start another engine project all together. Whatever his choice, we wish him the best of luck. If you want to see some footage of the engine running, just click play above. You can head over to the main thread here to see all the detailed photos and build steps it took to create this thing.

While you are busy doing that, we are going to talk someone about how hard it could be to put a tiny, supercharged V10 into a go-kart.

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