900-HP, Toyota-Powered Rolls Royce Phantom Is Wretched Excess

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Supercharged and turbocharged inline-six Phantom is more insanity than luxury, and we covet it.

There exists within the confines of this particular Rolls Royce an unholy alliance between staid British refinement and Japanese powerhouse performance. That’s right, this Roller has been fitted with the infamous “2JZ” 3-liter inline-six engine from the legendary MkIV Toyota Supra that has been fettled to produce a prodigious 900 horsepower.

While that engine originally came from the factory with a turbocharger attached, this one has a much larger turbocharger and has also sprouted a supercharger to help fill in the lower half of the engine’s dyno curve. With half as many cylinders, but twice as much power as the car’s original V12, it is unlikely that this Phantom owner is missing those 6 extra cylinders.

Rolls Royce Phantom 2JZ Engine Swap

While Rolls is known for creating comfortable and quiet individually crafted carriages for the wealthy to be shuttled around in, this one is decidedly not about that. For starters, that engine is a very loud one, which would outright spoil the chauffeur experience. How could you tell Jeeves to increase the treble of the concerto played through the bespoke audio system with a high strung unmuffled Supra engine shouting in your ear the whole time?


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Where the Rolls V12 engine gently builds power with a wave of torque and subsequent forward momentum, this Toyota-powered Phantom is likely to charge toward the horizon with blistering pace and insane levels of boost threshold turbo lag. We’re not sure Rolls customers would be happy with such a driving experience, but being that we like a car that combines ludicrous speed with the lap of luxury, we may have found our dream car. Crank it up to 11, Jeeves, we’re rocking out to the sound of boost tonight!

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