Lamborghini Terzo Millenio Concept Points to an Electron-Filled Future

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Lamborghini Terzo Millenio

When the world’s smartest minds collide with Italy’s most eccentric automaker, magic happens.

One thing has always been synonymous with a flagship Lamborghini, and that is a V12 engine. It seems that finally, that might be the truth of the past, as the Italian company just unveiled a concept electric car. They call it the Terzo Millenio and it’s a collaboration between Lamborghini and MIT. Yes, MIT as in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the world-renowned university.

That collaboration means that this new concept uses the kind of technology that would make a Star Trek captain blush. Rather than using plebeian lithium batteries, the Terzo Millenio employs supercapacitors for its electron storage and deployment. The structure of the thing is hewn from special lightweight aluminums and a magic version of carbon fiber that is “energy-storing” and “self-healing.”

It sounds more like the creation of some comic book supervillain, rather than a look to the future of road car technology.

Lamborghini Terzo Millenio

And because Lamborghini took care of the styling and design on this project, it also looks like a supervillain’s death wagon. The whole car is barely taller than the wheels it rolls on, the cockpit is raked farther forward than a fighter jet, and the menacing grin created by the wealth of grilles and vents on the front make Pennywise appear to be frowning.  Then, if you can stop drooling long enough to check out the back end, you see a wild aero arrangement so aggressive, the FIA would ban it from racing.

This is the kind of car that we dreamed of as children, and nothing makes us happier than seeing a proper, flesh-and-blood creation. It may be just a concept, but the Terzo Millenio is paving the way for Lamborghini’s future in design, technology and company ethos. We will forever lament the day the internal combustion engine dies, but machines like this Lamborghini fill us with hope for the future.

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