Lamborghini Reventon: Is it Really Worth $2 Million?

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Lamborghini built this insanely expensive car right as the economy tanked in 2008. Is it still cool today?

Lambo’s fighter-jet-inspired Reventon is based on a Murcielago, but previewed the looks of the Aventador. In its day, this was possibly the wildest-looking car to ever have been produced, and certainly the most expensive Lamborghini ever built.

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A limited run of just 20 coupes were built, and an additional 15 roadsters made production as well. When only 35 people in the world own a specific car, it’s bound to be something special, right? According to Alejandro Salomon, it’s well worth the $2 million price tag these limited Lamborghinis are trading for today. What do you think? Do you agree?

Named after the famed Spanish fighting bull, the Reventon features many fighter jet touches. From the military-esque interior colors to the wild dash gauges and the ejector-seat-esque engine start button, this car looks strange and feels special.

We can see why people would want to own one, but is it really worth ten times as much as a Murcielago LP640? Well, ‘worth’ is a tenuous subject, and something is worth what someone will pay for it. A Reventon is certainly rarer than a run-of-the-mill LP640.

In any case, this video is well worth watching if you’re particularly interested in the Reventon. Doug DeMuro basically pioneered this style of review video, and Salomondrin continues that theme here. He begins by showing us viewers around the car and explaining what it is, then he discusses the car’s practical uses and interesting little details of the design, interior, and construction. Interestingly, he skips right over the fact that the center console of the Reventon features an Apple 20-pin connector so you can plug in your modern and future-proof iPod to play the latest MP3s.

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