Lamborghini Huracan Burns After Series of Unfortunate Events

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Lamborghini Huracan

Poor Lamborghini Huracan turns into an instant fireball after some idiot in a minivan forgets to hang up his gas pump.

As you already know, Italian supercars have a bit of a reputation for suddenly bursting into flames. But the fiery fate that befell one Lamborghini Huracan Performante in in Kirkwood, Missouri recently wasn’t in the least bit the fault of the automaker. In fact, it was the act of a careless minivan driver. A guy who probably was too busy thinking about how much his life sucked when he left the nozzle from a gas pump in his soccer practice/PTA meeting vessel and then simply drove off.

What followed that unbelievably careless act was a series of rather unfortunate events, according to witness and fellow Lambo driver Parker Gelber. Which he of course shared with us, along with photos and videos of the incident, via Facebook. Well, unfortunate for the other guy, but very fortunate for Gelber. After gassing up his Lambo, Gelber needed to head inside to pay thanks to a card error. Little did he know, that annoying problem might have just saved his life.

Upon entering the gas station, Gelber saw the blue Lamborghini Huracan burst into flames. It seems that upon driving away, the minivan’s gas pump hose severed. And proceeded to spray fuel directly into the Lambo’s engine bay via the air vents. Apparently, the emergency shutoff valve on the pump did its job. But isn’t designed to stop the fuel that’s already in the hose. Another bystander captured video of the spray down, though it cuts out before the fiery show begins.

Thankfully, no one, including the driver of the blue Lambo (who was inside at the time as well) was hurt. The Huracan, on the other hand, is a total loss. Even sadder, the neglectful minivan driver doesn’t look like he’s going to have to pay for this crime against humanity, either.

“There was no criminal aspect involved in this,” Kirkwood Police Department officer Gary Baldridge told the River Front Times. “It was completely an accident.” Obviously, we wholeheartedly disagree!

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