Is Fabio a Bigger Gear Head than Chris Harris?

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Italian supermodel flogs an Italian supercar outside Los Angeles.

If you were asked to list off the biggest car lovers in the L.A. area, you would be hard pressed to choose. Jay Leno, Magnus Walker, and Spike Feresten are just a few hardcore gearheads that call the greater Los Angeles area home, and that is just the start. But no matter how long you let us list off the names, we would’ve never thought to say Fabio.

Yes, that Fabio — the one that graces the covers of all those janky romance novels you find in the book store’s bargain bin.

Turns out the Italian model, whose full name is Fabio Lanzoni, has veins pumped so full of gasoline that he could be the next Fast & Furious star. The L.A. Times spent a day with Fabio and was kind enough to capture video.

They meet at a local Lamborghini dealership, where Fabio rolls up in a Porsche GT3 RS. Not a bad choice of commuter. And commuter is all it seems to be, as the Porsche won’t be seen again.


Oh no, Fabio wanted to meet at the Lamborghini dealer so he could spend the day driving his new Huracán Performante.

 Fabio - Lambo

From the Lamborghini dealer it was off to bash some canyon roads on the way to Pirelli, where the aging heartthrob was checking on some custom tires he ordered. From there it was a blast up the Pacific Coast Highway, and back into the canyons.

If that doesn’t sound like a car lover’s day in paradise, we don’t know what does.

Fabio’s love doesn’t just extend to cars. Like actor Keanu Reeves, Fabio also enjoys two-wheeled shenanigans, too. We don’t get to see any of it in the L.A. Times video, but we do learn that Fabio owns more than 300 motorcycles at his home in Oregon.

It just goes to show you can never judge a book by its cover.

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