Lamborghini Batmobile Rescues Us from Supercar Boredom

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We saw countless amazing supercars at this month’s Sunset GT. But auto enthusiast Debbie Foreman’s Lambo Batmobile stood out the most!

We’re not sure where or when the Lamborghini Batmobile trend started, but one thing’s for sure: It isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. There are at least a half-dozen of these Dark Knight-approved Lambos running around, after all.

Some of the car owners go full-bore, wearing the costume and even paying visits to sick kids. We’re not sure if any of that applies to this latest Lamborghini Batmobile, which we spotted at the always-excellent Sunset GT car show on L.A.’s legendary Sunset Strip, but it’s still pretty darn cool.

Those in the know are already well aware of Sunset GT, which is easily one of the finest displays of exotic supercars on the planet. Taking place the second Sunday of every month, the extravaganza of amazing rides recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

And this time around, at the April 8 showcase at Sunset Plaza in the heart of West Hollywood, hundreds of visitors saw everything from the insane Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo to a Lamborghini Centenario — and, of course, this superhero ride of choice.

At first, we thought that this particular Lamborghini Batmobile was actually the famous “Batventador.” And for good reason, as it looks nearly identical to that ride. Same matte black paint, and both sport a similar but different Batman logo on the hood. Aside from that difference, this one has full-size logos on the doors, while the Batventador sports smaller ones and its moniker.

Then there’s the latest Batventador, which is actually driven by a real-life superhero, Debbie Foreman, who goes by the name “Debbie the Batgirl.” Debbie is also based in Los Angeles. But she uses her ride to raise cancer awareness and just generally put smiles on kids’ faces. Obviously, we don’t know if the owner of this particular Lamborghini Batmobile engages in similar activities. But we can say that it’s still pretty cool to see such a ride. If nothing else, it’s a nice break from staring at rows upon rows of “normal” supercars!

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