An Insider’s Look at the Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina

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Exclusive new video from Karma reveals how Pininfarina’s designers developed alternative design interpretation built around a Karma heart.

Southern California-based Karma Automotive has released a very cool new video, “The Making of Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina,” that shows how the company’s partnership with Pininfarina resulted in a custom-made, Italian-designed, two-door coupe variant of the new 2020 Revero GT.

Karma’s GT Designed by Pininfarina is part of its “Shanghai Big Three,” a trio of cars used to illustrate the company’s immediate, mid-term and long-term future. In addition to Karma’s Pininfarina designed concept, is a new 2020 Karma Revero GT luxury electric vehicle expected to hit dealer showrooms later this year, and the Karma SC1 Vision Concept: a signpost to Karma’s future – one that embraces full electrification.

The Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina is the first result of a partnership with Pininfarina, the iconic Italian design and engineering house. The Pininfarina team took a new 2020 Revero GT, retained the fundamental engineering parameters of the luxury electric vehicle, and then crafted a new body style (a coupe), panels and interior, offering an alternative design interpretation with some trademark Italian flair. The end result is a stunning concept combining Karma’s California soul with the Italian “dolce vita.”

Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina

Use the link below or click the image above to watch an overview video of how the Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina came to life.

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