Amazing Custom Audi R8 Comes Packed with Carbon Fiber

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Audi R8

Wheels should perfectly accentuate the car they’re mounted on. And this Audi R8 and its rollers are a match made in heaven.

The Audi R8 is a pretty amazing machine in and of itself. Some would argue that it looks somewhat mundane compared to its Lamborghini brethren. Personally, we love the “subdued” lines of the R8. But if you’re in the group that feels like a stock R8 isn’t quite exotic enough, let us present to you this amazing little custom Audi. The killer ride was shared with us right here in the Team Speed forums by exotic parts seller and TS partner Wheel Experts.

“Situated in the Pacific Northwest, we have an aggressive black and gold Audi R8 for today’s feature,” Wheel Experts said. “This R8 has upgraded aerodynamics with a handful of key carbon fiber parts. Seeing that there was carbon fiber on almost every panel of the car, it was only fitting that there would be carbon fiber on the wheels as well. That is where our limited edition RS05.V2 came into the picture at the perfect moment. The tones of the RS05.V2 reversed those of the R8, where the carbon fiber fins featured a a matte finish and the wheels were gloss.”

Audi R8

The amazing, highly modern wheels are truly the perfect match for this car. And they’re nicely staggered for a very aggressive look as well. Up front, the PUR RS05.V2s measure in at 20×9, and out back they’re a larger 21×12.5. They also contrast perfectly with the Audi’s sinister theme. But amid all the various shades of black, a handful of gold accents really accentuate the car’s lines, too.

Audi R8

Wheel Experts carry a wide array of similarly beautiful wheels, of course. But they also specialize in a variety of exotic car parts. Including aerodynamic pieces, performance parts, suspension, exhaust, and various other accessories. Best of all, they’re partners with us here at Team Speed. Which means they’re active in the forums and always willing to help members pick out the perfect parts for their rides.

Audi R8

And that’s the kind of unique, personalized experience that exotic car owners should be privy to. So if you want to deck out your ride like this killer R8, head over here to touch base with the experts at Wheel Experts!

Photos: Wheel Experts

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