Abandoned Vintage Ferrari Collection Finds New Home

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Unfortunate circumstances led to 13 rare Ferrari examples being abandoned in a field for nearly a decade.

Automotive magazine Silodrome recently uncovered a fascinating story about a field of abandoned Ferraris and how they got there. It’s one of those stories you hear in a hushed manner. Something you want to believe, but you just can’t imagine how something as iconic as a Ferrari–let alone 11 of them–could wind up in a field with nobody looking after them. Unfortunately, sometimes life throws a curveball that you don’t expect.

The collection was accumulated by a Texas attorney, who landed on Ferrari as a staple of his collection after having owned several Corvettes and Porsches, as well as a Lotus and a Lamborghini. It was no entry-level collection, either. Among the models was the iconic Testarossa, as well as a 308 Quattrovalvole, a 400i, at least two 328s, at least three 348s, and an indefinite number of Mondials. Seeing cars of this caliber get left to endure Mother Nature is enough to break the heart of any car enthusiast, but the way they found themselves there is equally as tragic.

Names and specific details were withheld for privacy concerns. What we know, however, is that the owner of these cars came down with a “serious illness,” reports Silodrome. While dealing with personal tragedy, the lawyer paid to have his Ferrari collection stored indoors. His conditioned kept declining, which led to missed payments for the storage of the cars, which were eventually removed from the original storage facility and into a field. The payments were eventually caught up, and while the cars were supposed to be moved back inside, they never were.

After nearly 10 years of rotting away, legal proceedings resulted in the owner’s family taking possession of the vehicles. Of the 13 Ferraris that were originally stored, only 11 remain. Currently, there is no explanation for the missing cars. Furthermore, only nine of the 11 cars had titles. Making these Ferraris roadworthy again is going to be no small task. So, what’s next for these poor Italian dream machines?

Abandoned Convertible Ferrari

The family opted to sell the cars and they eventually went to a dealer, who purchased all nine titled Ferraris. Luckily, they are reportedly being brought back to life. Here’s hoping that someday soon we’ll be seeing these very cars on public roads again.

Photos: Silodrome

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