Awesome ‘66 Ferrari & ’66 427 Cobra Found in Condemned Garage!

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Apparently, when a magnet doesn’t stick to the side of an old car, it goes from rare and valuable to absurdly rare and valuable.

It’s hard to imagine how much unusable footage these “Barn Find” shows have. Think about it, what if you were told about some cool old cars and showed up to find a rotting Corvair instead of a Corvette? When Hagerty has a new episode though, we get excited. It goes without saying that these folks know their classic cars. Tom Cotter, the host of Barn Find Hunter, knows his way around Cobras. So, when he got a call about some cars languishing in a garage that had been condemned by the city he decided to take a look.

He meets with a friend of the owner of the cars since the owner wants to remain anonymous. It’s too bad, we’re always curious how rare cars end up sitting in a garage and deteriorating. The friend, Warren Cramer, explains one part of the story of how $4 million worth of rare classics came to reside in a garage that had been left since the early 90’s.

“[The owner] had a mechanic, who was extremely competent. My friend believed he was the only person who could possibly be qualified to take care of these cars in the manner that they should be.” He goes on to note that the mechanic, also an avid motorcycle racer, died in a crash.

1966 Shelby Cobra 427

“So, then my friend, who was going through a few changes in his life, figures, ‘oh well, maybe I’ll get another mechanic. But if I don’t I’ll just park the cars.’ And he did, and life moved on and he left them there.”

Cramer then adds, “so here they are, since 1991.”

When they open the garage doors one can only imagine the candid gasps that must have taken place. Right in front is an alloy-body Ferrari, and off to another side is the unmistakable silhouette of a Shelby Cobra.

The alloy wheels on the Ferrari are what tip him off that it’s a 275 GTB. Cramer fills him in, explaining that it’s a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/2, with just 13,205 miles on the odometer. “Probably one of the few GTBs with this kind of mileage, this original, in the world.”

1966 Ferrari GTB 2 interior

The Cobra, which is more in Cotter’s wheelhouse, is pretty special. He explains that the 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 with 19,000 miles. It’s one of the 427 Cobras that got a 428 engine. Cotter goes on to explain that it’s this style of car that the majority of the kit cars are modeled after. Though, of course, without the side pipes. The ’66 in the video has exhaust tips that dump under the rear bumper.

1966 Shelby Cobra 427 interior

According to Hagerty, there will be more video to come on the other cars in the garage. What would you do if you came across some rare cars in an old garage? Join us in our forums and let us know.

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