35-Year-Old BMW 3-Series Faster Than a Lamborghini Aventador

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Nobody ever expects a vintage BMW 3-Series to blitz a drag competition.

You’re king of the car show world when you show up in your gorgeous new Lamborghini. You roll in all low and slow, popping and cracking your exhaust with a few neutral throttle blips as you coast. Everyone’s eyes are following you through the parking lot, and you know you’re going to kill it at the roll-race drags later that day. Nobody can hold a candle to your 700-ish horsepower Italian fighting bull. You’re confident that you’ll take home the crown of fastest driver in all the land. Then some punk in an old BMW rolls up next to you.

BMW’s E21 generation 3-Series was built as something of an interim car between the legendary icons of the Neue Klasse 2002 and the E30. There aren’t many enthusiasts that choose the E21 as their steed to modify. In general, the E21 doesn’t have as much aftermarket or enthusiast support as its earlier and later siblings do. It’s an odd duck, and to see one tuned to this kind of level is a rarity. The video above gives no real indication of what’s under the hood, but it definitely has a huge turbo pushing air into the chambers. It takes a little bit for the power to really come on, but once it does, this little rocket ship blasts past the Lamborghini like it is standing still.

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We like speed here, in case it wasn’t evident by the fact that it’s in our name. We don’t really care how you make that speed happen, whether you buy a fast Lamborghini from the factory or you build your old German sedan into a high-horsepower monster. We just care that there are fast cars out there, and people are using them to turn gasoline into triple-digit passes at runway events. Go fast, and don’t stop going fast.

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