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The Lights Go Dim At Spyker

The rumors of the bespoke Dutch supercar makers demise have been swirling for quite some time now, and it appears that (at least in the near future) we will not be seeing any new cars from Spyker, which is an utter shame. As reported by the folks at Fourtitde, “The last few years haven’t been [...] Read More

Dec 18 2014 · By

Porsche reveals the 918 Spyder production run is all spoken for

Porsche AG has reported that the final 918 Spyder hybrid super sports car has been spoken for. With a limited run of 918 units, the majority of the cars – 297 – will be shipped from the Zuffenhausen manufactory to buyers in the USA. In both Germany and China there are already around 100 proud [...] Read More

Dec 15 2014 · By

Spied! Undisguised 2015 Porsche GT3 RS Dashing Through The Snow!

It looks like the holidays have come early for us Porsche fans thanks to our trusty Teamspeed spies, who caught up with the all-new 991 GT3RS undergoing winter testing, and fully undisguised! Would you look at those front fender louvers, wider-track, and massive rear wing — yes please! Power is expected to come from the [...] Read More

Dec 11 2014 · By

DMC Shows It’s Affari Huracan Pacakge

The new Lamborghini Huracan is nothing short of a beauty in stock form, but there will always those looking for more individuality with their cars, even ones as exotic as the Huracan. Tuners DMC appear to be fist out of the gate with a full offering for the new Lambo, and have called this tuning [...] Read More

Dec 09 2014 · By

McLaren Sport Series Coming Into Focus

Thanks to the chaps over at WCF, we get a good look at what the entry-level McLaren Sport Series may look like. Can you say baby p1? It sure does appear that the new Mac has many similar styling traits from it’s big brother hypercar, but that could also be the clever camo-wrap from the [...] Read More

Dec 04 2014 · By