Raging Bulls Kick Up Snow at Lamborghini Winter Academy

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Latest Session Takes Place in the Italian Alps and Uses Huracan and Aventador S as Teaching Tools

It’s not enough for Lamborghini to sell its cars. It wants to make sure its clients know how to drive them, too – and have an unforgettable time doing it.

That’s why it hosts its Accademia driving clinics around the world. According to Lamborghini, “During these exclusive multi-day events, attendees receive driver training from professionals with racing credits in F1, Indy Car, Super Trofeo and others, while embarking on the path to Lamborghini driving mastery. On track, snow and ice, owners advance their expertise by taking on the world’s most prestigious tracks while pushing the limits of their own driving abilities.”

Last month, Carfection attended the Accademia event in Livigno, in the Italian Alps. There, the presenter of the following video, Nick Wilkinson, learned more than just Driving Lamborghinis on ice is awesome. He learned about the 740-horsepower Aventador S and how the all-wheel-drive monster behaved differently on the slick surfaces than an AWD Huracan. He learned the physics and coordination involved in linking one drift in a figure 8 to another. In doing so, Wilkinson gained a knowledge of addiction; he kept wanting to make raging bulls dance. Whether he knew it or not, he also got an education in music, listening to the raspy wail of the 12 cylinders behind his head.

We have a feeling Wilkinson also became familiar with a lot of Italian expletives – and excitedly shouted one every time he pulled off a four-wheel figure skating move.

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