Pur Sang-Built Bugatti Type 35 Is Driving Purity

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“If You Had the Money, I Can’t See Why You Wouldn’t Have One.” — Jethro Bovingdon, on the Bugatti Type 35

YouTube is packed with automotive review videos these days, but this one might be the best. It’s not particularly beautiful, it’s not particularly poignant, but the car being reviewed is perhaps the purest expression of automotive insanity ever: the Bugatti Type 35.

You don’t own a car like this without being a properly-enthusiastic automotive nerd. And we’re sure there are at least a couple of you here that qualify. Pur Sang’s recreation of Bugatti’s iconic grand prix victor is maybe the most involved and concentration-requiring drive you can buy. You don’t just accidentally fall into buying this car, it has to be very intentional.

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For just a quarter-million dollars, you can have a supercar, or you can have a car that is really super. Sorry for the forced pun, but this car is affecting our ability to process words in a normal manner. The reality is that anyone can get in the newest McLaren and go really fast, with little instruction. If you get into this 1930’s Formula One car, though, you’ll take a few days, weeks, or months to really get used to driving it. As Jethro Bovingdon mentions in the video above, you could likely try for the rest of your life to really get a tight grasp on this car. And you may not get there. It’s a challenge, a skill, and apparently quite glorious.

If you’ve got the scratch sitting around, and you’re looking for a truly experiential supercar, give Bothwell and Pur Sang a call to have one hand-built especially for you. If you’re really a driving enthusiast, you’re sure to enjoy this one.

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