Pristine Ferrari 308 GTB Runs Streets in Bangkok

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This Ferrari 308 GTB is an everyday driver that remains in near-showroom condition.

In another beautiful video from Petrolicious, the featured car is one of the nicest 308 GTBs we’ve ever seen. This car is owned by a man named Chayanin Debhakam. He, and it, reside just outside of Bangkok. Not only is this Ferrari a rarity based on its condition, but any kind of Ferrari is a bit thin on the ground in Thailand. Chayanin chooses to drive this gorgeous Ferrari everyday, because he’s the best kind of vintage Italian car enthusiast.

Ferrari 308

“The 308 GTB is the Ferrari that I grew up with and it was the first Ferrari I ever saw,” says Chayanin. “[The President of the Ferrari Club of Thailand] finally found one, and it was exactly what I was searching for.”

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The car he ended up with was the stereotypical 308, a Rosso Corsa over Creme example. After a bit of searching, Debhakam determined that the car had originally been Fly Yellow over Black, and didn’t like the fact that his car had been color-changed. He immediately embarked on a journey to restore the car back to factory original spec. Luckily Chayanin has some talented friends who helped him with the project.

“Some of them have different skills than me. I don’t know everything, cannot do everything myself, so having extra help and knowledge is great,” Chayanin admits.

The end result you see before you is meticulously factory original, down to the new old stock 308 exhaust system he managed to source, with lots of out-of-country help. Chayanin’s car has finally returned to the way it was before the “Resale Red” craze victimized this poor car. We have to admit that we like a nicely done yellow Ferrari far better than its red counterpart. What about you?

Via [Petrolicious]

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