Who Needs a Sports Car With Human Car Sounds Guy Around?

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Watch this guy simulate the sounds of some of the top sports cars with just his mouth!

When you’re a kid, everyone makes car sounds with their mouth to describe how fast or badass a car is. Normally, that stops when you’re at the age when you start trying to get girls’ phone numbers, but for some people, they keep mimicking those sounds and make a career out of it. Well, actually that’s the case for just one guy in Australia.

The 1320 Video team was Down Under recording some drag races recently, when they stumbled across the guy from HumanCarSounds. This gentleman can mimic the engine noises of pretty much any vehicle, and surprisingly it isn’t completely irritating. In fact, he’s actually really talented. Over the course of the video above, people begin to gather around while he takes requests on which car to mimic. Some are more successful than others, but overall, it’s quite impressive.

For added flair, HumanCarSounds guy even mimes the shifting motions as he does the impressions. It’s unclear whether or not this is a worthwhile method of picking up women or impressing people at a bar. However, surrounded by racing fans, he’s a rock star.

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