Luxury Gifts for Car Lovers

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High-End Gifts Meant to Put a Smile on the Faces of People with Expensive Tastes

The social definition of the word “gift” is flexible. All some people want from another person is a little bit of their time. Others might consider a warm smile from their crush the best present of all. Then there are people to whom “gift” means “something that requires Scrooge McDuck levels of money.” CNN’s list of “14 splurges for car-lovers that go beyond the garage” has things on it that are so expensive that they can technically be considered investments, but they also still count as gifts…barely. We’ve narrowed the list down to our nine favorites and put them below.

1.) Slot Mods Standard Scenic Raceway – $50,000
If your uber-rich friend has room in their gilded man cave for this “6′ x 12′ wooden two-lane, 1/32 scale inspired recreation of classic hillclimb from the 1960s and 70s,” they definitely have room for you to race against them. Just watch your throttle so your car doesn’t wind up in the trees.

2.) Rolls-Royce Picnic Hamper – $46,000
The basket itself is made out of saddle leather, aluminum, and teak. The plates are made of Wedgwood porcelain. The wine glasses are created through a glass-blowing technique that’s more than two centuries old. The food that’ll be served out of all of this finery? That’s up to whoever’s lucky enough to get it.

3.) Espresso Veloce Aurum 18ct – Price on Request
Twelve cylinders of gold-accented, espresso-serving craftsmanship destined for only 10 wealthy caffeine aficionados.

4.) Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Transponder – $15,000
Luxury watches and performance cars go together like James Bond and Aston Martin. Speaking of them, you can fire up certain Aston Martins with one of these watches. Sorry – there’s no button on the watch for the ejector seat.

5.) Porsche Design 911 Soundbar – $3,500
The exhaust of the iconic German sports car is music to the ears during a drive and can now be music to the ears during a dinner party. This 200-watt system is made from the rear silencer and dual exhaust of a 911 GT3.

6.) Vespa Elettrica – Price on Request
This plug-in electric version of the classic Italian scooter will look right at home in front of any upscale clothing boutique or bespoke cocktail bar.

7.) Bentley Blower Model Car – $7,400
More than 1,000 resin and aluminum parts. 1:8 scale. One hell of a conversation piece.

8.) BMW i8 Luggage Set from Louis Vuitton – $26,000
The car is a hybrid of internal combustion power and electric efficiency. The custom-fit luggage is a hybrid of fabric, leather, aluminum, and brass.

9.) Undersea Aquahoverer – $1.5 million
Yep, a two-person submarine with six propellers and carbon fiber seats. Why the hell not? It’s only (an eye-popping amount of) money, right?

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