Jay Leno Falls for Pagani Huayra Tempesta

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Is Horacio Pagani the New-Age Leonardo Da Vinci? Jay Leno Sure Thinks So

David Lee’s Pagani Huayra, like all Huayras, is a one-of-a-kind. Originally built in 2014, the car has been upgraded with the “Tempesta” package that includes a new suspension, new aero appendages, new wheels with Pirelli Trofeo R tires, and a new titanium exhaust. That upgrade package costs $181K, and doesn’t add any power to the already-impressive 730 horsepower made from the Mercedes-AMG-built turbocharged V12. But it certainly adds to the Huayra’s visual presence.


Jay Leno sure thinks so. In the video above, he says the mirror stalks look like an eyelash. But we might contend that it’s more like a bug’s antennae on the front fenders. In either case, it’s certainly an exotic and interesting design element of the car.

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Stepping inside, the car has a very visible sense of mechanical-presence. That’s thanks to the vertical gullwing doors, the switches, gauges, levers, and dials spotted along the dash. The Huayra certainly has an unprecedented road presence. Can you imagine idling at a stop light and seeing this spaceship pull up next to you?

Only 100 of these cars were built, and even fewer with the Tempesta package upgrade. As such, this car is a surefire rarity. It’s easy to see that Jay really enjoyed his time with the Huayra. And any car that impresses perhaps the world’s best-known car enthusiast must be pretty impressive indeed. With a strange aesthetic blend of exposed carbon fiber and leather straps, the Pagani artfully blends beauty and scientific advancement in automotive transportation. And it further proves Horacio Pagani’s huge worth as an artist/engineer in this modern world.

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