Gordon Ramsey Knows How to Beat Traffic Light Cameras

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Gordon Ramsey Ferrari Avoiding Speed Cameras

Celebrity chef doesn’t just know food, he also knows Ferraris.

Gordon Ramsey is a lot of things. He’s a very accomplished chef, with countless awards to his name. He’s a worldwide reality show celebrity, who has achieved amazing ratings with his cooking shows where he berates people. And apparently, he’s a lover of fast cars, particularly those made by Ferrari.

It’s that last bit of information that we find fascinating. Reports say that the chef has upwards of 8 Ferraris back in his home in Britian, as well as the soft-top California T that he’s seen roaming the streets of Los Angeles in. And as any lover of fast cars can attest, they’re really fun to drive, especially when you’re ignoring those pesky speed limits.

For those people who like to bend the rules a bit, and drive a bit over the posted limits, Ramsey has a tip. Granted, his tip is illegal and should be taken as just a tip. Nevertheless, Ramsey has said he’s figured out how to avoid speed cameras.

“I’ll take it out at 2:30 in the morning on the freeway and I’ll blast on the motorway and no police catch me and no cameras because I wrap my number plates with cling film. It’s a great thing for a chef when they get your own Ferrari, just wrap it with cling film. It won’t photograph, it reflects. Brilliant! It’s a great tip. I’m trying to help you,” said Ramsey to the Daily Mirror.

Traffic light cameras have been the bane of many people’s existence. Gone are the days of knowing that you only get a ticket when there’s a police officer present. Now you have to worry about the traffic lights ratting you out. Well, perhaps Ramsey is onto something.

Camera’s aside, Ramsey also talked a little about why he loves Ferraris so much. The chef has a relatively unlimited budget, and could pick any make of car, so why Ferrari? Apparently, he gets his inspiration from the Italian car maker.

“It’s just something that I absolutely love, the perfection of it. Because everything that I see on that steering wheel, on that wheel, on that leather, I put on the plate.”

So, have you tried the cling wrap trick? Does it work?

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