Not-So-Mellow Yellow: Flashing Back to the Ferrari 348 Spider and Speciale

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These bright yellow Ferrari siblings were even more exotic than the regular 348 that served as their foundations.

A Ferrari is the rolling definition of an exotic car. It’s a rare sight in most parts of the world. Its lines are eye-catching, dream-inspiring, and lust-stirring. Its performance is worth the staggering price tag attached to it.

So how does Ferrari make one of its cars even more exotic? Easily. It removes the roof or gives it more power. According to the above MotorWeek video, Ferrari did both with the 348 Spider and Speciale, respectively.

Ferrari 348 Spider and Speciale

The 348 GTS gave Ferraristi the ability to have the wind flow through their hair when they had the targa top stored, but the Spider completely immersed them in the open air driving experience. Thanks to less restrictive intake and exhaust systems, the Spider also gave their ears a greater sonic treat than the regular 348 could provide.

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The Spider’s 3.4-liter V8 also gave it a slight power edge over its more pedestrian cousin, generating 312 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque, and a 0-60 mph time of 5.8 seconds. The quarter mile came up in 14.2 seconds, when the 348 Spider was doing 101 mph. The V8 put its extra power to the road through a stiffened chassis, revised suspension settings, and a wider rear track. Whoever drove the 348 Spider had to be just as enhanced because the Spider’s gated shifter, manual steering setup, and brakes only respected and responded to strength.

Although not as liberating as the Spider, the 348 Speciale was…well…special in its own right. It had the same engine as its drop-top sibling, the same body-color lower sides treatment, and even its own unique taillight design. MotorWeek found the entire package to be more attractive than the Spider. The people who didn’t order one of the 100 Speciales that Ferrari made in time must’ve found it to be elusive, another quality of an exotic car – and a perfect one for any Ferrari to have.

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