Ferrari Museum’s New Exhibit Is a Trip Through Time

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Italy-based museum offers rare opportunity to see some of brand’s most recognizable models together. 

The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy, recently debuted its new exhibit, appropriately dubbed “Timeless Masterpieces.” Running indefinitely, the showcase features a handful of the iconic carmaker’s most legendary models. It also sets the tone of the era they were released by pairing the vehicles with other important relics from their generation. The showcase spans from the post-war years all the way up to modern examples of Ferrari’s desire to push the envelope.

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Take for example the portion of the exhibit dedicated to “The Jet Age.” The era until the late ’50s when everything was centered around futuristic and aerospace-based shapes. A staple of the time, and a symbol of the progress of engineering to that point, the Ferrari Superfast III stands out in this era. Though technically a tad outside the proposed time period,  built in 1962, the Superfast’s character is still well seated in the mindset of the time.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the “New Technologies” section. Ferrari was not exempt from the brave new world that came of the technology boom that started in the ’90s and spans through the ’00s and into today. To display their progression, they have on display the legendary Ferrari 575 Superamerica alongside signatures of the time, such as Apple’s iMac G3. The Ferraris have certainly remained far easier on the eyes in comparison to the outdated technology pieces.

It’s no doubt that Ferraris have been an iconic part of pop culture from their conception. To pair them with other symbols of their time like TVs, radios, artwork and even the faces of celebrities past are in no way a far reach.

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Classic Ferraris regularly fetch astounding numbers at auction and get tucked away into private collections.  Therefore, an opportunity to see some of the brand’s most exemplary cars all in one place presented in a manner properly displaying their historical significance through time is more than enough reason to pay a visit if you are in the area.

As if you needed an excuse.

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