Ferrari 599 Drift Car: God’s Gift to Hooligans

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Formula D goes classy and sassy with sideways Ferrari.

Of all the reasons to love Formula D, our favorite has to be the wild and insanely powerful cars that these guys and gals build. From the early days with Samuel Hübinette’s Dodge Viper to the 1000 horsepower monsters of the modern era, these are some of the most amazing racing cars in the world. But this year, Formula D has seen things taken up to a new level with the introduction of Federico Sceriffo’s Ferrari 599 GTB.

Yes, some maniac is drifting a Ferrari 599 GTB. And no, it is most certainly not stock.

In case you missed the photo, this Ferrari has been given a pile of upgrades that include aero tweaks, some body cuts for clearance, and overfenders so wide that Liberty Walk would be jealous. But the most important part of this build is the motor. Not content with the 600 horsepower that the 6.0L V12 engine left the factory with, Sceriffo’s team has fitted a pair of superchargers to the top of the motor to push peak horsepower above 900.

Recently, the hoons at Jalopnik got a chance to see the car in person at Formula Drift New Jersey, and they even spent some time with Sceriffo himself. When asked why he went with superchargers instead of the more common twin-turbo setup found on most Formula D cars, his response was simple: “Just to keep the sound.”

An Italian racing driver, in an Italian car. Of course he would do everything he can to keep the wailing scream of the Ferrari V12, and we love him for it. The Jalopnik piece is full of great insights into the car, the team, and the entertaining new rookie driver. We recommend heading over and giving it a read. But before you go, we collected all the photos from Formula D’s site of this amazing Ferrari in a gallery below, so make sure to check them out.

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